All About Wii-U

If you feel that it’s time to take your gaming to a whole new, exciting level then it’s well worth investing in one of the most technologically advanced and versatile gaming devices on the market; the Wii-U. Packed with innovative features and presenting far more possibilities for entertaining play than previous versions of this device, it’s little wonder the Wii-U is proving such a popular item. Find out below what benefits the improved version of this perennially appealing gadget brings to your gaming.

Innovative Game Pad Controller

Providing amazing synchronicity between single and multi-player games and TV, the touch screen operation of the Controller allows easy operation and swift changes between mediums. If you can’t use the television to play, perhaps because others want to watch something, then the Controller has the facility to allow several games to be played without the use of the TV screen – a useful feature if the rest of the family want a break from Super Mario Brothers!

Compatible with Wii

There’s no need to ditch your old Wii accessories when you invest in a Wii-U. The new version has been designed to be fully compatible with older items, allowing you to use your existing equipment and transfer saved games from Wii to Wii-U. Any favourite Wii games you currently play can be played on the Wii-U without any modification being required; a great example of Nintendo’s “future proof” approach to gaming.

HD gives added appeal

HD is already a common feature of television sets, allowing viewers to enjoy greater picture clarity and colour differentiation. Wii-U facilitates HD gaming, enabling players to benefit from crisper on-screen images which makes games even more compelling than previously and brings the visual quality in line with standard HD TV.

In addition to enhanced play, purchasing a Wii-U also gives buyers the opportunity to access Miiverse and the Nintendo e shop. Providing an engaging and unique communication network and access to fresh games and other information respectively, these features significantly improve the whole gaming adventure. If you haven’t had a chance to look at this innovative device in detail, get online and check out the selection of added benefits this new take on the classic Wii provides.