Sports Games With a Twist

Sports games are huge business, and with the competition getting closer and closer every year, a lot of companies are trying out new modes and little tweaks to grab your attention.EA Sports FIFA series arguably leads the way in this regard with their highly popular Ultimate Team mode. In Ultimate Team, you have the opportunity to build a dream squad of players by getting player cards. Player cards can be bought from the in game trading market, or you can buy ‘blind’ packs of varying quality with real currency. You may not like the players you get in a blind pack, but there is also the chance that you can get the surprise of gaining an elite player for you to play with on your team.If you like the idea of managing a squad but aren’t quite on board with the idea of not knowing who you are going to get, there are alternatives available, such as ManagerZone. On ManagerZone, you take the role of the football manager, building your squad and doing the day to day management for your team. You are in charge of managing the match tactics, the buying and selling of players and even developing your stadium as you see fit. The online management game has been running for nearly 20 years now and is as strong as ever, with a thriving online community that makes Manager Zone a great choice if you want to take the step into the football management genre.At the other end of the scale, if you want to focus your efforts solely on playing, NHL offers Be a Pro. Taking on the role of one player, you build your career from starting as a rookie in the CHL and then playing through the years, developing your skills and earning big money moves to major NHL franchises.If you’re looking for a sports game with a twist, any of these and the various modes on offer are a great way to scratch that itch.